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SharePoint 2007 Event model

There is another way to take action on data inside of SharePoint besides using workflows. You can actually tie directly into the events within SharePoint. For example, when a user goes to delete an item from a list, the ItemDeleting … Continue reading

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How to add color to a SharePoint 2007 calendar

For SharePoint 2010 – go to the end of this article.   This article was written by a friend and colleague of mine, Richard Granger. In it, he explains an approach to making calendar events color coded inside SharePoint. I … Continue reading

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How to add a PeopleEditor (people picker) as a webpart property

I can’t take credit for this work. I would never have been able to piece this together on my own. I got my code to work by reading: Add PeopleEditor (PeoplePicker) to Webpart Properties . I am documenting what I … Continue reading

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