Get SharePoint List Guid via Browser

So, you want (for many possible reasons) to know the GUID that is associated with a List in your SharePoint. Worry not! It is amazingly simple – once you know the trick.
Go to the List and List Settings. Right click on “Title, description and navigation” (see image below).

Then, paste it into your favorite text editor (Notepad, NotePad++, etc). Cut the whole portion after “List=”. What you just cut is the URL encoded GUID for the list! Now use whatever tool you like to decode the value. If you don’t have a tool, check out

And Whamo! You’ve now got the GUID for you list. Piece of cake!
Hope this is helpful.

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A Cool Example of Using Kinect

Check out this cool article:

Gives me some ideas.

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The Martian King

My daughters attended a Microsoft Camp at the Microsoft Store in Tyson’s Corner. At camp, they worked as a team with other kids, wrote a script, captured video, acted out the scenes, researched using the Internet and finally produced a video that they shared with the rest of their campmates. When you watch the video, you may think that it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but keep in mind, this video is 100% the product of the kids in the video. No adults participated directly in its making. The folks at Microsoft taught them how to work it, the kids did the rest. 🙂

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Remote Desktop Connection to Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Ok. This one seemed like it should be pretty simple. But I couldn’t find a description of it anywhere online. And I am not the only person who couldn’t figure this out. But I finally figured it out, and it was simple.

Here’s what I have and what I needed: My host machine is Windows 8. I am using Hyper-V (built into Windows 8 – if you are a developer and aren’t using Windows 8, you are missing the boat!) to run a virtual machine (doing some SharePoint development). I frequently need to pass big files back and forth between the host and the virtual. I could never figure out how to do it. I always ended up either emailing the files to myself (because the virtual can see out to the Internet) or storing them up on SkyDrive.

But the other day I had a new need that led me to find the solution. I wanted to use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the virtual machine. In order to find Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8, while on the start screen, type ‘mstms’. That will bring up the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). To make the connection, I would type in the machine name of my virtual. But, after a couple of minutes, it would time out and say that the machine could not be found. I figured that this was a networking issue that I didn’t understand. Well, I found the fix.

On the virtual machine, click on configure remote desktop:


and allow connections to the machine. When you do this, you will be prompted to allow the firewall to be changed to permit these connections. Allow it.

Then I realized that by default the type of network is Public. Switch it to Home and enable Sharing. With all that done, you can now use RDC on the host machine to connect into the virtual machine simply by providing the machine name. 

I have an external hard drive connected directly to my router. Now, in the virtual machine, I can explore the network, find the router and connect to the external hard drive. I then created a mapped network drive to it. So I can freely and easily pass files back and forth between by host and virtual. All very easy to do. Just had to get pointed in the right direction.

Hope this helps others!

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Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 released

If you haven’t checked out programming Kinect for Windows yet, now is an absolute golden time to start checking it out. In the latest release of the SDK, they have included Kinect Fusion! (If you are not familiar with Kinect Fusion, read no more until you have checked out Kinect Fusion!)

And if that wasn’t enough, they now include a gesture recognition engine and have events for right/left hand open and close. These are pretty big features to get incorporated into the SDK. I certainly am excited.

To get the latest edition just go to and check it out! Already Kinecting? Shoot me some of your ideas and questions!

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Future Possibilities

Here is one of my favorite videos of what the near future of IT may look like:

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Microsoft Research

Check out this project built and demonstrated by the folks at Microsoft Research:


In 2011, Microsoft spend over $9 Billion in research! It is phenomenal to be part of a company that puts so much emphasis in forward thinking. To put that in perspective, Microsoft spends roughly 4 times as much on research and development as the US Department of Defense spends on research, development, testing and evaluation! Or, maybe more relevant to some, Microsoft spends more on Research and Development than Apple and Google combined!!

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Another Fantastic Blog

I think I may have found my favorite blogger – check out this post on how to make meetings more productive. It’s funny how in life sometimes you need to stand a concept on its head (think counter-intuitive) to get the results that you really want.

Anyway, check out this blog at The Anti Meeting Culture.

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