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Style Promoted Links in your SharePoint site

I had a colleague that wanted to use the Promoted Links webpart on his site as a navigation tool, but he wanted it to display vertically instead of horizontally. So I did some digging around. Fantastic article!! In minutes, … Continue reading

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How to redirect as page on SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Here’s a common scenario. You’ve created a site in SharePoint and have business users going to it. You know they’ve bookmarked the site. Then, having learned some lessons and new tricks along the way, you create a new and improved … Continue reading

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Testing for NaN

I was in the middle of building a Windows Phone 8 application when I ran into an interesting problem. My application tracks where the phone is and uses it as the center point on the map that is being displayed. … Continue reading

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Pagination in ASP.Net MVC

I’ve been working on a project using MVC (my first real go around) with Entity Framework providing my model. I’ve been learning a ton of little tricks and I figured I’d better start capturing them now before I lose them … Continue reading

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A Cool Example of Using Kinect

Check out this cool article: Gives me some ideas.

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Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 released

If you haven’t checked out programming Kinect for Windows yet, now is an absolute golden time to start checking it out. In the latest release of the SDK, they have included Kinect Fusion! (If you are not familiar with Kinect … Continue reading

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Using the depth sensor on Kinect

Hello all! My latest article is out on MSDN Magazine Online: In this article I demonstrate the basics of using the depth sensor on the Kinect for Windows. Be sure to check it out! 

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Article on Kinect Studio

My latest article on MSDN Magazine online is now available: . Make sure to check it out. There are video clips on this one demonstrating how to use Kinect Studio, starring my daughters Kenzy and Sherrie. If you are … Continue reading

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MSDN Magazine Online Kinect column

This month, MSDN Magazine started a new column on the online content devoted to Kinect. And I am authoring it! Check out the first article: It covers the very basics of developing applications that use Kinect for Windows. I … Continue reading

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Article on Kinect

Hello all! I have been fortunate enough to get an article (it is a two part article) published in MSDN Magazine. My article is based on a project I did for George Mason University: Lily. Lily is a virtual assistant. … Continue reading

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