We’ve all been there – both as the sayer and as the receiver. You are stressed out over something and someone says “Relax”. How does that make you feel? Why do we respond to that word that way?

Brian De Haaff, CEO of aha!, shared his thoughts in a very insightful posting on LinkedIn. You can read it at

One of the points that he makes, for me, was particularly poignant; great leaders are immersed in the moment when they are most needed. It sounds simple and even trivial. But think about it for a moment. Have you ever had a manager that never seemed really connected to you? A manager that only reflected on their own image and did not hear you? How effective were they? To be a leader, during times of difficulty and stress, one has to be in the moment, experiencing what others are going through and empathizing. Only then can a leader effectively guide a person or team through the situation.

Thanks Brian for sharing!!

About Doc (lelandholmquest)

After serving in the Navy as a Reactor Operator on fast attack submarines, I earned both a Bachelor's and Masters in Information Technology from American InterContinental University and completed Northcentral University's doctor of business administration specializing in industrial organizational psychology (what a mouthful!). I'm passionate about using knowledge and technology to make people's lives better, more fulfilling and to enable reaching their full potential.
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