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Hello all!

I have been fortunate enough to get an article (it is a two part article) published in MSDN Magazine. My article is based on a project I did for George Mason University: Lily. Lily is a virtual assistant. The first part of the article demonstrates how to use Kinect to listen to the user but applying the context of the conversation.

The Kinect API (if you haven’t played with Kinect you absolutely must!) makes the implementation of this concept really straight forward. Please take a look at: and make sure you leave some comments!

And you can see my code by downloading from: Download the Code Sample

And be watching for more to come!  Ninja


About lelandholmquest

After serving in the Navy as a Reactor Operator on fast attack submarines, I earned both a Bachelor's and Masters in Information Technology from American InterContinental University and am currently working on my doctorate. I have a beautiful wife and two of the sweetest daughters a man could ask for. And I work for the greatest company: Microsoft. At Microsoft I work on the knowledge management system for Microsoft Services: Campus on Office 365.
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2 Responses to Article on Kinect

  1. karthick says:

    dear sir,
    i am having kinect sensor and source code but i am not able to run this project lily. may i have a complete source code along with the requirements.

    • Hi karthick,
      this article is pretty old. The code was built using the beta release of the Kinect for Windows SDK. You’d have to have that SDK in order to make use of the code. The API has really come a long way since then. Even the 1.0 release of the SDK was a pretty far departure from the beta. So I don’t think the code that went with this article would be very helpful to you. And if you are using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, you definitely want to take advantage of its capabilities. 🙂 Which sensor are you using and which version of the SDK are you targeting?

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