Joey Questions

I have the pleasure of working with a very talented young Graphic Artist by the name of Joseph Atkinson.He trained at the Art Institute. As part of our team, we would go to Joey when we needed graphics and anything “artistic”. As he became more and more familiar with the technical work that we do, his input and our requests became more and more complex. Joey quickly came to the realization that he needed some coding skills. In order to do some of the animations that we wanted, Joey had to understand how to leverage ActionScript and use the power of programming behind his presentations (typically in Flash). Joey quickly found that my colleague Richard and I were very happy to answer any of his questions and point him in the right direction. Well, I am very proud of Joey. He has extremely determination and tries to tackle each new learning segment with full vigor. One of the things I find most rewarding about helping Joey, he is not satisfied with just knowing enough to get his immediate needs accomplished. He must dive into each concept to get the full understanding before he is willing to move on. Consequently, he is learning Object Oriented Programming in a very complete way.

There is almost never a day that Joey doesn’t come into our office and say “Do you have time for a question?” One of the hardest things about writing a blog is picking out content and keeping it going. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I am going to start documenting the conversations that we have with Joey. If he needs the explanation behind concepts, I’m sure there are others out there that would benefit from it too. And feel free to join in and point out things that we miss (or even get wrong) and help the whole community learn! For example, the last discussion we had with Joey, we discussed the use of structs (in C# – all of our examples will revert to C# as the implementation for consistency) instead of creating full classes for items that do not require methods and how your application’s performance would be affected.



About lelandholmquest

After serving in the Navy as a Reactor Operator on fast attack submarines, I earned both a Bachelor's and Masters in Information Technology from American InterContinental University and am currently working on my doctorate. I have a beautiful wife and two of the sweetest daughters a man could ask for. And I work for the greatest company: Microsoft. At Microsoft I work on the knowledge management system for Microsoft Services: Campus on Office 365.
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