Adding Current Navigation to a web part page

I noticed that if I create a web part page, it does not display the Current Navigation. Most of the pages that I develop will typically require the Current Navigation as a desired feature. So, I had to do a little research to figure out how to make it happen. Turns out that the problem is in the Master Page. When I first realized this, I went down the road of “just have it inherit from the parent”. The problem is, it already is inheriting from the parent. So what gives?
The page created has a couple lines of code in it that tell the page to override the navigation and to not display it. The two lines are:
“PlaceHolderLeftNavBar” and “PlaceHolderNavSpacer”
Simply delete these two lines from the page and the Current Navigation will appear, just like magic.

About lelandholmquest

After serving in the Navy as a Reactor Operator on fast attack submarines, I earned both a Bachelor's and Masters in Information Technology from American InterContinental University and am currently working on my doctorate. I have a beautiful wife and two of the sweetest daughters a man could ask for. And I work for the greatest company: Microsoft. At Microsoft I work on the knowledge management system for Microsoft Services: Campus on Office 365.
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